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Our New Website Looks Pretty FURnomenal! Check us Out.

This is 'FURnomenal news!' Our new website's gone live! Better get used to that phrase, it's part of our catchy new business name, 'Fe's FURnomenal Pet Services'. Yep, that's us.

Our new Website's Gone Live! - Fe's FURnomenal Pet Services | Wirral

Fe’s FURnomenal Pet Services | Wirral

Well, animal's are lots of fun so why can't we join in!

So from one animal lover to another we present an introduction to our services that are now online and serving the Wirral, Merseyside.

'What do you offer? I hear you ask. We offer to care for your fluffy friend as if they were our own pride and joy. Isn't that what every pet owner desires when they have to holiday abroad, go away on a weekend business trip or are otherwise engaged?


Your Pets Second Best Friend!


Every pet owner desires a trustful, loving & reliable pet minder, I know because I'm a pet owner of course and have been for most of my life. No one can walk, play, cuddle and groom your pet dog or cat like you do. Am I right? Of course I am. You have a treasured bond that's become fused over many years of companionship. But what we can be is 'your dogs second best friend!'

So from dog walking to playing; cuddling to feeding & caring to grooming, we offer packages to suit all your pets needs. And if you don't find a suitable package on our site, then we'll tailor a package to suit you and your pets needs. Yes, we pride ourselves in accommodating you both as best as we can.


No Dog Kennels or Catteries Around Here!


So the worst thing about being away from home is pining over your fluff buddy. Am I right? You wonder; 'Are they ok?' 'Are they wondering why we've abandoned them for two weeks or a weekend?' 'Do they understand that we will be back and everything's going to be ok?' Don't worry, we know what that's like. We'll make sure to keep in touch whilst you're away and reassure you with pics and videos of your beloved pets. You'll find your pet to be happy and relaxed. That's the benefit of pet sitting in your pets natural home environment. No dog kennels or catteries that leave your furry companion stressed, lonely and bored. Just lots of it's own toys, it's own bed and that sweet smell of home sweet home!

So enough of me talking, why not visit our new website and see what we have to offer. You'll find customer testimonials that will build your confidence in our services and short video's of what we get up to on dog walks or at customer's homes playing & feeding their furry friends!

Don't be shy. Come and say hello!

Fe's FURnomenal Pet Services

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