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Catering for your Pets Every Need from Home

Does your pet get stressed, bored or lonely in catteries or kennels? Then let us play & snuggle up with your much loved furry friend like it's our very own! They'll get to sleep in their own bed, play with their own toys and feel happy & secure in their home environment. Pets on the Wirral think it's pretty 'FURnomenal!'


Feed, Play & Snuggle - Start @ £10*

Working all week? Away? or otherwise engaged? 

Would you have better peace of mind if you knew that a furry fan like yourself popped by in the day to feed,  play & snuggle your furry friend?

Then this awesome package is for you!

Also a great option if you have a new kitten or puppy!

Ask about the 'Fresh Air'** option.

Pet Sitting: Product


Inclusive of Some Packages**

Some of our pet sitting packages are inclusive of the 'Fresh Air' option. That mean's your little furry friend get's an opportunity to stretch it's legs and sniff the open air too!


Ask us about more details on how to qualify

for this optional extra.

Pet Sitting: Product


Don't Worry We'll Happily Tailor to Your Needs.

**Prices start at £10. For more details contact us & we will be happy to tailor a free estimate to your pets requirements.

**'The 'Fresh Air' option is agreed ONLY upon the customer's (pet owner's) signature. For more information see our FAQ page.

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