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Making your Dogs Favourite Walk Fun & Refreshing

Does your dog have a favourite walk route or place to hang out? The local park or beach?

Whatever your requirements we aim to make your dogs time outdoors fun & refreshing!

That's why pets on the Wirral think we're pretty 'FURnomenal!'

Dogs with Dog Walker - 30 Minute Dog Walking Package - Fe's FURnomenal Pet Services | Wirral


Stretch Those Legs - Start @ £10*

Per Extra Dog - £5

Stretch those legs & stay healthy!

Large or small, all dogs require plenty of exercise & stimulation? It keeps them fit, healthy & happy!

A brisk walk on it's favourite route & a play in the park or at the Wirral's local beach will keep you in your

furry friends good books!


All packages includes 'Off the Lead'.**

Dog Walking: Product
Dog Walking: Product
Dog Running with Toy - 1 Hour Dog Walking Package - Fe's FURnomenal Pet Services | Wirral


Inclusive with the Walk**

If your dog is confident off the lead & loves fetching a ball as far as it's eyes can see then we will happily include it at no extra charge. Great news for your happy hound! We think it's 'FURnomenal!'

Sleeping Dogs - Additional Care Package - Fe's FURnomenal Pet Services | Wirral


Inclusive of all Packages

All our dog walking packages include 'Canine Care'.  We won't just walk your dog, we will make sure your much beloved pet is watered, towel dried when necessary & settled before it's return home. 

Dog Walking: Product


Don't Worry We'll Happily Tailor to Your Needs.

*Prices start at £10. For more details contact us & we will be happy to tailor a free estimate to your pets requirements.

**'The 'Off the Lead' option is agreed ONLY upon the customer's (pet owner's) signature. For more information see our FAQ page.

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